The Kenilworth Cheese, Wine and Food Fest

Major Activities

Kenilworth Visitor Information Centre - see the Information Centre Website

Kenilworth Craft Shop - in the Information Centre building

Kenilworth Cheese, Wine and Food Fest - see the Festival Website

Support for Local Seniors - see the Seniors Website, see the Seniors' Week Programme

The Chamber also supports events and activities organised by other groups.

Community meetings, or forums, and social events are organised as appropriate.

Other Current Activities (as at July 2017)

Public transport: The SC Council ended its Flexilink taxi-based transport service from Kenilworth in August 2015 quoting a subsidy of over $70 per person per trip as the major reason. Despite pressure, no form of replacement service has been offered. The Chamber contends that a minibus service to Nambour could be run with a much smaller subsidy. To demonstrate the viability of such a service the Chamber is running a three month trial, initially each Wednesday from 19 July, changing to each Thursday from 24 August. At the conclusion of this trial Council will be asked to subsidise a continuation of the service, failing which the Chamber will investigate purchasing a bus as a community resource. For details or to book call the Kenilworth Information Centre on 5446 0122. Please also download and complete this survey form.

Queensland Day 2018 (6 June): Queensland Government Funding of up to $10,000 is available to stage events. There is interest in Kenilworth having an event at this time. If you would like to be involved in planning this please contact us.

Sunshine Coast 50th Anniversary (1 August 2017): The Chamber has received funding from the SC Council and Peter Wellington to support the production of a historical film compilation celebrating the sugar industry and mill in Nambour. This programme will be shown at Cinemaworks at 2pm on Saturday 19 August, 26 August and 2 September. Booking is essential, please phone 5446 0341 or email Cinemaworks. The programme will be available for subsequent showings as required.

Council Link Sunshine Coast: This is a Council provided service to take seniors, disabled and carers from their homes to a major centre for shopping or medical appointments or any other reason. It operates across the region (including Witta and Mapleton) but not in Kenilworth. A petition to have this service extended to Kenilworth was submitted to SC Council but rejected on the grounds that Centacare and other support organisations provide a similar service. This was demonstrated to be incorrect and Council has been asked to reconsider the petition.

Men's Shed: We have auspiced the establishment of a local Men's Shed and applied for a Commonwealth Building Better Regions Fund (Community Investment Stream) grant to build a shed at Gheerulla Hall. The group is now meeting regularly at Gheerulla Hall. If you are interested in joining or supporting a Men's Shed group please contact us.

Medical Centre: The SC Council application for a Commonwealth grant to build a new medical centre behind the Information Centre has failed. Fortunately Dr Siobahn MacDonald was interested in coming to Kenilworth and she opened her practise, in the existing medical centre, on Wednesday the 31 May. Surgery times are currently Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8.30am to 4.30pm. For an appointment call 0472 3914.