Welcome to Kenilworth and District Chamber of Commerce and Citizens Inc.

Aims of the Chamber

To do such things and assist in such matters as may be for the general benefit and advancement of the community of Kenilworth and district, and to care for the public interest of Kenilworth and district. In particular to -

  • provide a focus for social activity
  • function as a channel for dialogue with the Sunshine Coast Council
  • represent the business community, Kenilworth and the district
  • support charitable and other activities and projects within the community
  • give citizens, as well as businesses, a voice in local affairs
  • maintain balance and impartiality with respect to local planning and development
  • encourage and expect businesses to participate and contribute
  • conduct business and meetings at a time and in a manner to encourage participation
  • provide avenues for informal contact outside formal meetings
  • make opportunities for groups and services to report on activities
  • encourage goodwill in business interactions and towards the Chamber
  • act as a single voice to provide information and feedback to government
  • seek to include all groups and associations and give them a voice in the Chamber
  • foster communication and interaction within the business and wider communities
  • manage projects and activities which provide general support for businesses and the community and which are not the clear responsibility of other organisations, businesses or individuals.

Our Activities


Transport and communication infrastructure is important for businesses in Kenilworth and for encouraging visitors and tourists to the area. Also important are visitor accommodation, event spaces, and water and power services.


The Chamber initiates or supports projects effective in improving our infrastructure, promoting tourism, staging events or other activities, providing accommodation, or supporting business activity in general.


The Chamber maintains contact with all levels of government and with Federal, State and Local Council representatives and is a resource for local businesses in keeping abreast of changes in government regulations and requirements.


We encourage business networking through informal meetings and make opportunities for residents and businesses to come together socially. We also offer support to other groups organising activities.