Committee Structure

Management Committee

The Management Committee meets at least monthly, at a time suitable to members. It may establish sub committees or working groups and define their operating rules.

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Sub Committees

Sub Committees are established to manage specific projects. Members are all current members of the Association with a chairperson appointed by the Management Committee. Powers of a sub committee are as delegated by the Management Committee, otherwise they meet and perform their functions as they determine.

Currently operating Sub Committees are:

The Cheese, Wine and Food Fest Sub Committee

The Information Centre Sub Committee

Working Groups

Working groups may be established by the Management Committee or by Sub Committees. They consist of individuals (or an individual), not necessarily members of the Association, tasked with achieving some required outcome. They meet as necessary and report to their mother committee.

General Meetings

There are at least two general meetings each year including the Annual General Meeting. Additional Special General Meetings may be called by the Management Committee or by a request, in writing, from a number of ordinary Association members equal to twice the number of members of the Management Committee plus one (currently 21). All members of the Association may vote at a General Meeting and may do so by proxy.

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Community Meetings

Community Meetings are not formal. They are open to all, members and non-members, and are called to provide information, address a community issue, or for promotional or social purposes.

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